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We offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum for kids, from birth to kindergarten, and their grownups.
All of our classes focus on establishing a positive connection between you and your child in a fun, pressure-free environment, while providing a solid musical base for your little one.


If you are not sure you will be able to make it to class on the same day every week, try out a month of membership. You will be able to attend weekly classes on a day that works for you, while still ensuring you provide your little one with the continuity of ongoing music education. 

Humans are born to make music, so it's never too early to start.
This class is designed to support families with infants, and focus on teaching you how to aid your child in their musical development. Connecting with your child through music, dancing for baby and with baby, purposeful touch, sound layering and expression modeling will help your little one develop their senses, stimulate emotional synchrony and open the door to a world of learning.
Families will be provided the same support materials as all other classes, making for a smooth transition into a Mixed Ages class at 9 months, and establishing continuity in musical exposure.

 Mixed Ages: 0-5 years  AND Russian Language Mixed Ages: 0-5

Research has shown that grouping children of different ages together provides them with a family-style learning environment, encouraging the natural expression and imitation.
Since the process of musical development in this age range is similar, an infant, a toddler and a preschooler alike will benefit from engaging in class activities that focus on adult/child interaction and adult modeling. Kids will participate at their own level by singing, moving, chanting, listening, and observing. Adults, regardless of their musical ability, find it fun and easy to help create an environment that supports any child in achieving Basic Musical Competence.

Our Preschool classes are 30- to 45-minutes long and include an artistically conceived flow of songs, nursery rhymes, instrumental jam sessions, fingerplays, and movement activities.
The combination and types of activities are research-based and support children's developing competence in tonality and rhythm. In addition, activities evolve from the child's world and include vocal play, animal sounds, rhythm play, language play, and a good bit of genuine, silly fun. Children bring the music home to their parents through the family CD and songbook.
Please contact us at
[email protected]  if you are interested in having My World Music at your preschool. 


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